PART III. Slashed and voted

Fooling around with a 54 million euro Master Plan

The business philosophy of the waste collector in Buzau – RER Ecologic Service, also part of the RER Group, formally managed until December 2004 by the Liberal Democrat deputy Cezar Preda – seems right out of commedia dell’arte. Despite a formal withdrawal from the company, Preda is said to keep controlling operations, as he is one of the masters to whom the current director, Liviu Mocanu, takes a bow.

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PART II. The rattle

“At an ecological deposit, dogs and crows should be starving to death”

Some 20 million euros have been spent in Bacau, through an ISPA program, partially co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to create an efficient waste management system in the county residence and 22 adjoining villages. Among many unknowns, the only constant is the 600 tons of garbage daily swallowed by the current deposit. And the money dumped in the accounts of the “wise guys” in charge of technical assistance and project execution.

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PREAMBLE. Eastern promises

Who are the scavengers and how they learned to stop worrying and dump the waste

Waste management system – the paradigm which describes how Romanians will collect, transport, sort, recover, recycle and deposit municipal waste goes by this name. It’s a bombastic idiom, filled with the promise of a multilayered change. Still, the very-much-empty-inside phrase is nothing but a euphemism, behind which a monster of an industry, built on networks of public money, institutional influence and hubs of private interests, silently unfolds.

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