No future

Every child in preschool. Except Nicusor

Nicusor Rusu could grow up to be the best mayor of the village Traian or the best MP of Ialomita County. But Nicusor is trapped in a system of poverty and indifference which keeps him away from preschool and blocks any real chance to a future different from his parents.

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In Search of a DCR

The Open Veins of Drug Users

A blend of poverty and lack of education, doubled by public hypocrisy and the absence of any real and efficient policies – it’s a mix for a lethal Romanian cocktail that might prove to be more dangerous for drug addicts than the drugs themselves. The number of hard drug users in the country is steadily getting higher while their ages are getting lower, with consumption related diseases spreading faster than ever. It’s a situation that requires an urgent change in public views and national policies.

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Dancing for the Securitate

"The West could have done more in Romania"

On luck, fear and living with evil, on the Romanian revolution, the West’s sins and foreign policy, on his relation with Julian Assange, Edward Snowden’s disclosures and the future of journalism – in a special interview with Frontline Club’s Vaughan Smith.

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A mother tongue

Stealing words: life behind Europe’s last Iron Curtain

Thousands of people have been fighting for the last 20 years in an attempt to speak Romanian in a region where this is considered a crime. They are using their mother tongue against a Russian supported separatist regime, but their voices are stranded behind the continent’s last artificial border. In Trans-Dniester their drama is still unfolding. This is a story happening only 150 kilometers away from EU’s eastern border.

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Romanian History X

The Marshall of the Latchkey Generation

How was Marshall Antonescu’s dictatorship portrayed in history text books released before 2004? What were high-school students learning about the Holocaust in Romania before the Wiesel Report was accepted by authorities in Bucharest? A documentary offers some paradoxical answers.

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